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More then 100 Years of experienced combined
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Nick Roach

Senior Trader, COO, Mambo Investments

  • Techinal Analysis 95%
  • Fundamental Analysis 90%
  • Price Action 99%

Mitch Skolnik

Trader, Mambo Investments

  • Techinal Analysis 95%
  • Fundamental Analysis 99%
  • Price Action 90%

Junior Traders

Demi Alvarez, Sophia Pelagia, Amelie Beliveau, Ana Gomes, Carlos Santos, Brian Chadwick, Samuel Beliveau, Tracy jones, Ester Manu.

Timely Support

As a mambo Client you will have our lifetime support, and dedicated Account Manager.


We are always on top of the latest market trends and always adapting, so you can be sure you will have the best trades and results possible.

Advanced Technology

We use advanced technology as our private copier app and private technical indicators showing us clearly our supply and demand zones.

Clear Communication

We are always available on Skype, Email and Social Networks so you can reach us anytime you like.

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