Let us trade for you!

Changing the concept of Binary Options Auto Trading. You only pay after we make you money.

Let us trade for you!

Changing the concept of Binary Options Auto Trading. You only pay after we make you money.

A Trading Agency

We are a group of Professional Traders that can autotrade your Binary Option account for you.

Forward Thinking

We are always ahead, we use Strategies that work not 1 year ago, not yesterday, strategies that work TODAY!


We work with Fundamental and Tecnhical analysis using advanced custom made indicators.

Customer Support

Our goal is not to have just the best customer support but a LEGENDARY one. We are here for you.

Our Work Flow

Analyse The Markets

Every day we combine both fundamental and technical analyses in order to determine the best setups possible every single day.

Place the trades

When a setup is met we place the trades on our private app that will place the same trades we do on our own accounts into our clients accounts, 100% hands free.


Clients results

Every single trade we make on our own binary options accounts is replicated to our clients accounts, with zero delay , exactly at the same price, that way we can easily manage all our binary options clients accounts.

We don’t rely on luck, that´s not trustworthy in the long run. we consider statistics, tecnhical, fundamental analyses and automatic computer software developed by us from Stock exchange.We know exactly how the market move in the next 5 to 10 minutes. With that been said it is easier for us to earn money on binary option particularly on 5 min short term binary option trading.


7 Day Trial for Binary Option Managed Account Service

Starting 31st of January 2017 Mambo Investments in cooperation with CTOPTION will certainly establish an unparalleled campaign.

In which any client can take advantage of our Managed Account Service for 7 days by opening a $250 account at CTOPTION. Through the trial period the account will be traded between 45 and 95 signals and you should expect to see between 30 and 60% profit on your account.

In the event that after the 7 day Binary Options Managed account trial your account balance was lost (by no means that happen before) we will refund the initially invested $250 plus add (by bank wire or PayPal) an extra $250 as compensation for your time and energy, with that been said it is a win/win situation for all of us.

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Most people think about binary option as gambling, actually, this is a misinterpretation. the best opportunity to win a gambling game is lower than 50%; nevertheless, on binary option we can get 80%+ chance to win with professional analysis. we don’t speculate or rely on luck. we consider the mathematical probability advantages and create the consistent trading analysis system. we additionally use computer support created by our traders to remove the psychological factor when trading.


In the implementation of the various strategies that at deployed strategically to meet overall trading objectives, many traders continue to look for ways to make their trading easier and more robust. Along the line of analysis and improvements, more trading ideas, resources, and tools are encountered such as using binary options autotrader to advance the course of trading for more profits.

Binary options auto trader

Due to high-frequency trading nature of binary options, the use of the computer for decision making became necessary for trading activities. In minutes, millions of market variables are considered upon which a yes or no decision is expected. By human standard, coming up with an accurate prediction of ‘yes’ or ‘no’ becomes a challenge to human intellectual capacity.

To live up to the challenge of the high-frequency trading need, computer trading algorithms are developed to cope. The success of the software algorithms to make a perfect prediction of ‘bid’ or ‘ask’ in binary terms becomes the tool to use to automatically or semi-automatically trade options.

However, despite efforts to computerize binary options trade, the use of manual trading and the importance of binary options trading strategy in achieving robust trading system has not been undermined.

Binary options autotrading

The need to increase the chances of making a correct prediction necessitate the use of binary auto-trading tools to trade on behalf of humans with advanced trading algorithms to make accurate predictions to win trades.

Binary options auto trading software predicts market variables and comes up with best chances of success in a trading situation. However, it should be noted that not many software is as successful in making an accurate prediction. You should also be wary of scams as this is the area in binary options where so many people have lost substantial investments.

Binary options managed account

To provide opportunities for more individuals who lack trading skills to trade options, some experts offer to trade on their behalf as investors. The investors bring the money while they experts bring their trading skills and offer a return on investment ROI up to 20% monthly on their investment.

Binary options managed account has the advantage of leaving a good sum of money in the hands of experts to trade with confidence and make a success of the investment.


Binary options auto trading is an opportunity for everyday people to participate in the options market and be successful, as the professionals. For people who still feel facing the market is not for them, using binary options managed the account may be ideal. However, there is the need for caution to deal with trusted hands who can guide you to make the right choice. Binary options trading offer an excellent way to participate in the financial market and trade in financial instruments. The growth in the industry is luring more participants to participate in the trade. In order to make a success of one’s participation in the industry, there is need to understand binary options trading strategy or take advantage of legitimate binary options auto trader. The best way to succeed in the industry, however, is to seek the service of experts with integrity and who is committed to professional etiquettes for advice and direction.

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